just being bonnie


What I’m reading now …


  • The Short Stories, Ernest Hemingway
  • The Museum of InnocenceOrhan Pamuk

U.P. to Tuscon to Nebraska

Like Woody Allen, Mr. Harrison is severely self-absorbed … maybe like most of us?

This was my vacation read for our ski trip to Breckenridge. There is a stark contrast between the mountain wilderness (that we are surrounded by but didn’t venture into) and the luxurious development of a Vail Resort town. Jim Harrison’s characters typically struggle with modern convenience, which they interpret as an interruption to living (much like our parents or grandparents do when they see us obsessed with some new gadget). The raw deeply-felt life of his stories and characters are envious … eating good but simple food, getting close to nature, struggles with personal demons and inadequacies, struggles with others who are on a different path, and …



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