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how far do you run?

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IMG_4861My mother views the world through rose colored glasses. I don’t imagine her ever taking them off. She resists if I challenge her. Everything is pretty and good. She sees the best in everyone, every place and every situation. While it makes her very pleasant to be around, any praise loses its significance. How good is anything when she says that about everything? Naively, I think she really thinks this way. Could it be this is just the face that keeps her happy and the world beautiful? Could it be that she does think about the darker side but would just prefer not to? If she thinks the world and everyone in it is good, then it is. Reality is our own perception of reality.

On the other hand, I imagine myself being much more realistic about the world around me. Constructive criticism seems more helpful in putting people, places and events into perspective. Not to be unkind, just objective. We can have a comparative conversation. I can rank opinions and use that information to make decisions about where to put my limited effort. Life is short.

Going through airport security in Detroit this morning, a security person came up to me as I was tying my shoe laces. He asked me how far I run. I don’t run, but he thought I looked like a runner. I told him I’m a walker but I should run. I was flattered and walked away feeling like I should run. Not right that moment, but like I always think when feeling I could be more athletic, sometime in the near future. Maybe next week.

It didn’t occur to me until I was off to my gate, that as a security person he may have been asking an unassuming question to see how I would react. Then I also realized that I almost always take people at their word and don’t tend to analyze or try to figure out what they may have really meant. I am gullible and never get the joke or tease until after everyone else is laughing, and sometimes it takes longer. I want to believe I had a pleasant impromptu conversation with him, that he was being genuinely flattering and that I look like I’m in good shape. I don’t want to spend a moment thinking anything else because he made me feel good. I have my rose colored glasses on and life is too short to not be wearing them.


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