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Eating alone

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Eating well alone. Tomatoes, onion, hot peppers, cilantro and eggs from Farmer John, jazzed up with Smoked Cheddar from Tacklements and way cool with Iced Coffee.

A half share is a lot of veggies to consume by myself. The way I prepare them though … humbly amazing. Most of it I cook as soon as I get home so its ready when I want it. Kale sautéd with garlic (on bruschetta), zucchini ratatouille with hot peppers and tomatoes and cilantro, Niçoise potato salad, hard boiled eggs, blanched green beans and smoked rainbow trout. Eating well but alone.

Did I mention Blueberry Frozen Yogurt? To soothe my lonely blues. Peaches?

They talk about the important ingredient of love that cooks can bring to the food they prepare. Love for what we’re creating but also love for those we’re feeding. I have a healthy love for myself, but slight in comparison to the love for my favorite dinner date.

I love you, my missing ingredient.

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